Stringers Make Better Players!

Why are your shots not deep enough? How come the ball is always just on the wrong side of the line? Your strings could be the ones to blame!

Start stringing your rackets yourself.  You will be able to select the right string at the right tension and better control your shots!


MiStringer has been designed to make self-stringing easy and therefore looks very different from all other stringing machines in the market. With MiStringer anyone can do the job! Clear instruction videos help you overcome any obstacle.

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The patented tension puller and clamp system guarantee accurate and consistent string tension.
Over and over again.


With some experience you will easily be able to restring your frame within 30 minutes! That’s much faster than having to wait a day or 2 before your regular stringer has done the job.
Also, no more hassle with bringing and picking up!

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String Anytime! Anywhere!

MiStringer is the only reliable, truly portable stringing machine! It weighs only 6 pounds and fits in your racket bag. You can string at home at the kitchen table or in front of the TV.
Or you can string on court between matches!

Save Lots Of Money!

MiStringer helps you save lots of money. If typically, the labor cost for restringing is 25 bucks, you will have back your investment in MiStringer within 15 stringing jobs!

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What Players are Saying …

Introducing the New MiStringer W

With MiStringer W you can save up to 80% in time for weaving the crosses, avoid burning of mains and weaving errors. Leaves you a bit more time to hit the ball.

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Shipping of a MiStringer machine is free.

To any country of the world!