Mistringer | Tennis Racket Stringing Machine

Mistringer Instructions

1. Installing the Machine

This 1-minute video shows you how to install MiStringer. By the way, installing this advanced portable tennis stringing machine doesn’t take any longer than the video!

2. Mounting the Frame and Setting Tension

How to mount your tennis frame into MiStringer is explained here.

3. Making a Start

How to pull tension, apply the clamps and install the first 2 strings is shown in this video.

4. Stringing the Mains

This video is all about stringing the main strings.

5. Stringing the Crosses

See how the cross strings are installed and learn how to use the patented StringWeaver!

6. Stringing the Crosses much Faster

With MiStringer W you can reduce the time for weaving the cross strings with up to 80%.

7. Tips and Tricks

MiStringer hardly requires any maintenance. Still we wanted to share some handy tips in this short video.