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Frequently Asked Questions

Stringing Your Racket

It’s faster than having to bring and pickup your frame from your local stringer. It is cheaper as you save the labor costs. Most importantly: it allows you to experiment with different strings and tensions and find the best combination for you depending on court surface, time of the year (temperature) and how well you hit the ball (most hits in the sweet spot or lots of off-center hits).

No, it’s not! Watch the these videos and see how easy it is!

The MiStringer tensioner is a lockout type with a built in 10% pre-stretch, which reduces the initial loosening of the string.

With some experience you will easily be able to restring your frame within 30 minutes! The first few frames will take more or less double that time.

Although MiStringer was mainly intended for tournament players who seldom use very big rackets, the machine supports a wide range of frames. The inner string length between 12 and 6 o’clock should be 32cm to 36cm or 12.5 inch to 14.2 inch, the distance between the top and bottom cross string should be less than 29cm or 11.5 inch. For frames with inner length between 12.5 and 13.0 inch,the ‘trick’ is to remove one of the 2 main (V-shaped) mounting points, put the frame on the plate (with the remaining main mounting point in the right position), then put back the main mounting point and finally install the 4 side mounting points.

No, it cannot. MiStringer has been designed specifically for stringing tennis rackets.

The range is 35 to 75 lbs or 15 to 35 kg.

It cannot with the Lock Clamps. You could use traditional flying clamps to do the job.

Checkout the "Details" tab on the product page.

In a crank type stringer (Neos, Gamma 5003/6004, Pro’s Pro Comet/Pioneer) the spring that determines the tension, remains pre-compressed the entire string job and gets compressed even more when the string is pulled. In addition, most stringers do not set back the tension knob to the minimum while not using the machine. The result: the spring is under tension the entire time, becomes inaccurate over time and therefore needs to be calibrated or replaced regularly.
The EZ Pull Tensioner in MiStringer also uses a spring. However, rather than compressing the spring to set the tension, the spring is moved along the lever, which alters the tension without the need for compression.
The only time the spring in MiStringer gets compressed is when the string is being pulled. Even then, the compression is only about 10 to 20 percent, which has no impact on the durability of the spring at all. For this reason, the spring in MiStringer does not need calibration or replacement.

Replacing the allen screws with knobs is not recommended as it would be impossible to put enough pressure on the knobs for sufficient tightening, especially the 12 and 6 o’clock mounts.

Stringing the Prince O racquets with MiStringer is NO PROBLEM as there is a simple way to string these types of rackets without the need for a brake on the mounting table: starting the crosses in the middle! This way the strings always stay on the correct side of the big hole. It also has added advantage of putting less stress on the frame. Stringing this way requires 2 piece stringing and also requires the clamps to be able to work on both sides of the racquet, which most machines cannot do – but the MiStringer can!


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