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MiStringer is the only truly reliable, truly portable tennis stringing machine available today! Its unique features allow you to self-string your own rackets with the right string at the right tension. Anywhere and anytime!

MiStringer comes with a set of strings, so you can start practicing right away. Free shipping is included too! Buy your MiStringer now and stop blaming your strings.


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Self-stringing has many advantages. Firstly, you no longer depend on the availability of your local stringer. With MiStringer you can string your own rackets anytime!

Self-stringing also allows you to experiment with different strings and tensions. MiStringer has a patented tension puller that guarantees accurate and consistent stringing. The unique clamps hold the strings firmly even at the highest tensions. With MiStringer you can find the ideal combination of string and tension that gives you the power and accuracy you are looking for.

MiStringer weighs only 6 pounds and comes in a handy bag, which even fits in your racket bag. Wherever you go, all you need to restring your frames goes with you!

Finally an investment in MiStringer pays for itself. Within 15 to 20 stringing jobs you have recovered the cost of the machine and start saving lots of money on stringing costs.

Additional information

Weight 5.9 lbs
Dimensions 15.7 × 10.82 × 2.55 in

A base with integrated EZ-Pull tensioner, a mounting table, 2 Lock Clamps, a table fastener, the String Weaver, 2 allen wrenches, a carrying bag.

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Badminton, Squash, Racquetball

19 reviews for MiStringer Tennis Stringing Machine

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  1. Marcus Sweden

    I’m a tennis nerd since 1988 when I started playing. The Mistringer is great and I use it regularly. From a price vs performance standpoint I don’t see any stringing machine on the market beating it. Also, since the base of the clamps is located so close to the strings there is no backlash whatsoever where you unintentionally loose tension in the strings (which you do on a more traditional stringing machine where the clamps are longer).

  2. XI CHEN (verified owner)

    Wish i had found MiStringer years earlier. Now my 12 yr old daughter can re-string her own racket. She is getting better each time. I am extremely satisfied so far with this ingenious design. I no longer need to worry about constant string slips which often happens on my other drop-weight re-stringer.

    MiStringer is simple, easy, portable and extremely affordable for any tennis player who restrings rackets frequently.

    Great product!

  3. Den (verified owner)

    MiString is easy, simple, inexpensive and portable! It has been perfect for flights and the rackets have felt good after every restringing. It hardly weighs anything and it’s very easy to use.
    Firstly I used my friend`s tool. In the first tournament, the stringer messed up my string formula. I bought MiString for myself. My teammates, who have larger machines, also ordered a machine. Because it is easy to use and with frequent travel.

  4. Jessie Aney (verified owner)

    I purchased the MiStringer back in March. I just started my career as a professional tennis player and have played the last 8 weeks in tournaments in Egypt! The stringer has been great! The portability has been perfect for flights and the rackets have felt good after every restringing. I’ve had to restring over 100 rackets and will continue to use the stringer going into the 2021 season!

  5. Kostiantyn (verified owner)

    This is my first stringer. I strung on 3 different tennis racquets (16×19, 18×20, 16×20), it was great! You need some practice to string quickly and make fewer mistakes. Satisfied, thanks for the fast free shipping and gifts.

  6. Vin Nguyen

    MiString is easy, simple, and portable! Unless you want to pay a premium MiStringer is the best in its weight class.

  7. Andrés Miranda

    Excellent tool.
    Facilitates stringing of crossed strings.
    Important time savings.
    I bought the machine and now this tool.
    100% recommended for traveling and being the personal stringing machine.

    Image #1 from Andrés Miranda
    Image #2 from Andrés Miranda
  8. Girish Prakash

    I have been using MiStringer for more than a year now. I am extremely satisfied with the product.
    Cross weaving was an issue initially, but with the accessories provided, it has become a cake-walk to cross string now.
    It is extremely easy to port and very easy to setup (just a table with some free space around).

  9. Simon White

    I really like this stringing machine. When I’m on the road and I need to string an racket on a sunday evening in the middle of nowhere, the Mistringer is a life-saver. It hardly weighs anything and it’s very easy to use. The price is way lower than any other stringing machine I know.

  10. Tom Pearson

    The MiStringer stringing machine saves me a lot of time and money. On top op that, it’s really easy to use. And it hardly weighs anything, so can easily take it with me wherever I want.

  11. Bob Jones

    Super easy stringing machine. Super light as well. The reason that I purchased this machine was to be able to string when I was on the road, as I travel quit a lot. Clamps do the job. Very easy to learn and use, especially with their weaving tool.

  12. Ramin Dehmoubed

    I bought it for my son who started college this year. He has always strung his own racquets and hated giving it to someone else to string. This is perfect for him because he can set it up in his dorm in a minute and put it away when done. And the bonus is no more wasting time looking for someone to string our racquets on vacation. I think the most ingenious part of the system is the instrument to weave the crosses.

  13. Rick

    Perfect portable stringer. Lightweight, simple to use. sturdy and good instructional videos. Patrick is very helpful and ready to answer any questions. Highly recommend for people who want to string their own racquets.

  14. Luke Pera

    This stringing machine has saved me hundreds of dollars in stringing fees. Their stringing machine is a great addition for a daily tennis player.

  15. Peter Scott

    I’ve bought the MiStringer stringing machine because I was losing a lot of time and money, by going to the store every time my racket needed a restringing. I’m not a handyman myself, but the machine is really easy to use. Some friends warned me that it can be hard to callibrate the tension system of a stringing machine. Luckily with this machine you don’t have to. It hardly weighs anything, so I even take it with me, when I’m on vacation. It enables me to quickly change strings when needed. The only downside is that I can now no longer blame it to my racket when my shots are less accurate.

  16. Pat

    It’s a great product and comes with everything except …. some test strings. When I got the order I had to go and buy some at local pro shop to start using the machine :-(

  17. Bill Johnson

    I’m stringing at least 1 racket per week for my kids. And this little one works just fine for me. I can even bring it on the tournaments with me.

  18. James Dahl

    I like it. It can hold the racquet very secure and the tension is good. Excelent if you want to string your own racquets.