MiStringer Mini Tennis Stringing Machine


MiStringer Mini is the smallest, sturdiest and most portable stringing machine available today. Using the patented pulling mechanism of MiStringer, this machine allows you to string your rackets fast and at the exact tension you require. Packed in an unbreakable tube. Best tennis stringing machine if you string only a few rackets per week.


Self-stringing has many advantages. Firstly, you no longer depend on the availability of your local stringer. With MiStringer Mini you can string your own rackets anytime!

Self-stringing also allows you to experiment with different strings and tensions. MiStringer Mini has a patented tension puller that guarantees accurate and consistent stringing. The unique clamps hold the strings firmly even at the highest tensions. With MiStringer Mini you can find the ideal combination of string and tension that gives you the power and accuracy you are looking for.

MiStringer Mini weighs hardly 5 pounds/2 kg and comes in a sturdy tube, which fits in your racket bag. Wherever you go, all you need to restring your frames goes with you!

Finally an investment in MiStringer Mini pays for itself. Within 10 stringing jobs you have recovered the cost of the machine and start saving lots of money on stringing costs.

Additional information

Weight 4.8 lbs