MiStringer Reinvents Self-Stringing of Tennis Rackets

January 2nd, 2018

From the brain of 2 long time veterans in the tennis industry, Vaclav Zdrazila and Patrick Lepere, comes MiStringer, a light-weight, truly portable machine that allows tennis players to string their own rackets. The product retails at 379 $ and is available as from February.

For many players restringing of their rackets is a big nuisance. It either takes too much time to have it done by the local pro stringer, costs too much, or both. Stringing machines that are in the market are big and heavy (typically 30 lbs or more) and difficult to use.

MiStringer solves this problem. It’s light weight (6 lbs) and compactness, allow you to take it wherever you go. The patented tension puller assures consistent string tension, without the need of regular calibration, and the unique clamp system requires minimum pressure to hold the string even at the highest tensions.

MiStringer comes in a bag and can be installed on most tables within a minute. MiStringer has created 5 short videos that clearly explain how to self-string your racket on this exciting machine.

As from February MiStringer can be ordered online at mistringer.com and from a selected number of distributors.

For more information:
E: [email protected]
W: https://mistringer.com
YouTube: MiStringer