Patented EZ-Pull

MiStringer has the patented EZ-Pull tensioner that allows you to string easily and quickly up to 75 lbs. In contrast to all other systems on the market, EZ-Pull does not use a traditional, compressed spring to adjust tension and therefore does not need any calibration. Ever!
The diamond coated string gripper in the EZ-Pull holds even the smoothest strings firmly.

Patented Lock Clamps

When holding a string the patented Lock Clamps of MiStringer are attached to the mounting table. Minimum pressure is required to hold the string tightly, even at high tensions. In all other machines the clamps are either floating or fixed to the base of the machine and need to put a lot of pressure on the string to hold it.

6-Point Mounting System

To avoid any distortion of the frame, MiStringer is equipped with a 6-point mounting system that holds the frame securely while stringing.

Strong and Sturdy

High compression aluminum molding and high quality steel are used to ensure a strong and sturdy product.

Light and Handy

MiStringer weighs only 6 lbs, which makes it easy to take the machine wherever you want to use it.

Fast Weaving the Crosses

To fast-weave the cross strings, MiStringer comes with the unique StringWeaver. A clever tool that speeds up weaving the cross strings with up to 200%.